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12-September-2014 (Corrected 17-September-2014)
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New authors are authors with 2 or less live polls.

List Thread 25-Aug-14 xx C25 L01 LB New -- IMDb Top 250 most overrated movies

List Thread 09-Sep-14 sc C05 L03 LB New -- Which Amazon Pilot Do You Want Made Into A Series?

List Thread 12-Apr-14 xx C15 L01 LB New -- Bad Film That Has a Potential to be a Good Film?
List Thread 14-Apr-14 xx C30 L01 LB New -- Most Memorable Cinema Bloods?
List Thread 28-Apr-14 xx C24 L01 LB New -- SFX Revolution

List Thread 25-Aug-14 sc C08 L03 LB P02 -- Titans of Terror Tournament

List Thread 27-Dec-13 xx C19 L02 LB New -- Winner of the Empire Award for Best Film 1995-2012

List Thread 29-Jun-14 xx C14 L04 LB P02 -- Worst Game of Thrones Villain

List Thread 05-Mar-14 xx C20 L00 LB New -- Which Movie is Most awaited

List Thread 11-Jun-14 sc C08 L01 LB New -- Which is your favorite 'novelty' TV show?

List Thread 16-Nov-13 xx C14 L01 LB New -- Best Supporting Actor Oscar Win

List Thread 06-Jan-14 xx C21 L03 LB New -- Which one of these 'no ETA' would you like to see most?

List Thread 04-Feb-14 xx C18 L03 LB P01 -- Most Memorable Leader of a Disney Musical Number

List Thread 15-Aug-14 FF C02 L01 LB P02 -- Poll suggestion: Face-Off: The Crane sisters

List Thread 11-Sep-14 xx C24 L01 LB New -- Richard ''Jaws'' Kiel's best performance?...
List Thread 07-Sep-14 xx C30 L01 LB New -- Your favorite science-fiction series of the 2nd-…

List Thread 11-Jan-14 xx C21 L01 LB New -- The most memorable Character accent

List Thread 21-Jul-14 sc C04 L01 LB New -- Best Hannibal Lecter

List Thread 12-Feb-14 xx C24 L01 LB New -- Ennio Morricone's 20 best soundtracks

List Thread 09-Aug-14 SP C03 L05 LB P01 -- Best Supporting Actress Oscar Nominations of Dame Gladys Cooper
List Thread 15-May-14 FF C04 L02 LB P01 -- Friday Face-Off: Frears v. Sands
List Thread 29-May-14 FF C02 L02 LB P01 -- Friday Face-Off: Princess Grace v. Princess Diana
List Thread 18-Feb-14 xx C32 L03 LB P01 -- Harbs' 'missing in action' movie poll

List Thread 21-Jul-14 xx C35 L01 LB New -- The Best 'Man'
List Thread 19-Jul-14 xx C35 L07 LB New -- The Greatest Motion Picture Accent

List Thread 17-Jul-14 sc C05 L03 LB P01 -- How often do you see movies in the theatre?

List Thread 23-Feb-14 sc C08 L02 LB New -- Early African-American television series (1948-1954)

List Thread 28-Aug-14 xx C32 L10 LB New -- Fight Scenes with the best STYLE

List Thread 01-Dec-13 xx C15 L00 LB P01 -- Favourite Female Character in Twin Peaks (TV Series)

List Thread 19-May-14 xx C22 L02 LB P02 -- Favorite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers character
List Thread 19-May-14 xx C35 L02 LB P02 -- Former or current sport athletes as actors?
List Thread 19-May-14 FF C02 L01 LB P02 -- Friday Face Off - Peter Parker vs. Peter Parker
List Thread 19-May-14 xx C35 L01 LB P02 -- Prison Break vs. The Walking Dead

List Thread 06-May-14 FF C02 L01 LB P02 -- favorite Spider-Man actress born November 6th

List Thread 19-Jul-14 sc C02 L02 LB New -- Frodo or Sam?
List Thread 22-Jul-14 sc C03 L02 LB New -- Which 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' character are you?

List Thread 27-Feb-14 xx C10 L01 LB P01 -- Which superhero would you have to protect you?

List Thread 20-Aug-14 sc C07 L02 LB New -- Richard Burton performance most deserving of an Oscar?

List Thread 12-May-14 FF C02 L02 LB New -- Best Spiderman?
List Thread 12-May-14 FF C02 L01 LB New -- Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man!

List Thread 11-Sep-14 FF C02 L01 LB P01 -- Favorite Super Hero

List Thread 29-Mar-14 xx C34 L01 LB P02 -- Favorite Horror Movies
List Thread 15-Jul-14 xx C17 L01 LB P02 -- What's Your Favorite Jason Sudeikis film?

List Thread 04-Aug-14 sc C03 L01 LB New -- Characters who would be quickly murdered if they…
List Thread 31-Jul-14 sc C05 L00 LB New -- Fastest TV Western gunslinger?...
List Thread 31-Jul-14 sc C08 L01 LB New -- Who's the most powerful 'Star Trek' super-being?...
List Thread 28-Aug-14 xx C16 L01 LB New -- Your favorite ''Death-Fall'' scene?...
List Thread 27-Aug-14 xx C18 L01 LB New -- Your favorite ''eyebrows'' actor?...
List Thread 05-Aug-14 xx C35 L01 LB New -- Your favorite 'Generation One' 'Transformers' character?...

List Thread 23-Feb-14 xx C10 L01 LB New -- Best performance by an actor in a drama
List Thread 24-Feb-14 sc C06 L00 LB New -- which of these characters would be the scariest if…
List Thread 24-Feb-14 sc C07 L00 LB New -- With who of those characters you would not mess…

List Thread 07-Aug-14 xx C20 L02 LB New -- Best Use of a Song in Film

List Thread 25-Jul-14 FF C02 L03 LB P02 -- Is 'Game of Thrones' Better Than 'Lord of the Rings'?
List Thread 02-Aug-14 xx C24 L01 LB P02 -- Least favourite character from Game of Thrones

List Thread 18-Jul-14 xx C20 L02 LB New -- Actor best suited to play Roland, the Gunslinger.

List Thread 27-Mar-14 xx C25 L01 LB New -- what is the best 007 movie?

List Thread 23-Aug-14 xx C26 L01 LB P02 -- Best Film Set in a Heat Wave
List Thread 15-Nov-13 xx C16 L01 LB P02 -- Which of these Coen Brothers films is your *least* favorite?
List Thread 27-Dec-13 xx C18 L01 LB P02 -- Who should get the final 'In Memorium' spot at the Academy Awards?

List Thread 29-Mar-14 xx C31 L02 LB New -- Best Movie Quote Inspired Signiture Line

List Thread 29-Nov-13 xx C24 L07 LB New -- Favorite James Bond 007 opponent

List Thread 14-May-14 xx C20 L00 LB P01 -- Best Performance In A Scorsese Movie As Of 2014
List Thread 14-May-14 xx C22 L00 LB P01 -- Favourite TV Drunk

List Thread 01-Apr-14 xx C29 L00 LB New -- What's the best post-apocalyptic movie?

List Thread 01-Sep-14 sc C05 L02 LB New -- Best Child Actor Performance in a Steven Spielberg Film
List Thread 11-Sep-14 xx C09 L04 LB New -- Favorite Roald Dahl Book Made into a Movie
List Thread 29-Aug-14 sc C02 L03 LB New -- Friday Face-Off: Which Ending Did You Choose to Believe?
List Thread 01-Sep-14 xx C14 L03 LB New -- Most Annoying Movie Characters
List Thread 06-Sep-14 xx C14 L03 LB New -- Most Mindblowing Plot Twists

List Thread 11-Dec-13 xx C05 L05 LB New -- Favorite classic fantasy/horror TV show?

List Thread 23-Apr-14 xx C20 L01 LB P01 -- Characters based on both actual- and fictive musicians.

List Thread 15-Aug-14 xx C10 L00 LB New -- Which is the hottest disney cartoon character?

List Thread 21-Jun-14 sc C08 L01 LB New -- Best Universal Horror Character
List Thread 21-Jun-14 xx C27 L02 LB New -- The Best Dracula

List Thread 18-Aug-14 xx C15 L02 LB P02 -- Better Director Than Actor?
List Thread 06-Jul-14 xx C35 L05 LB P02 -- Places You Don't Want To Be (TV/Film/Video Game Locations)
List Thread 24-Aug-14 xx C30 L02 LB P02 -- The Late Bloomers (Actors With Late Career Starts)
List Thread 06-Jul-14 xx C10 L02 LB P02 -- Which Film Best Describes America in 2014?
List Thread 20-Aug-14 xx C25 L02 LB P02 -- Which Series Do You Prefer Pre-Reboot?
List Thread 08-Jul-14 xx C35 L08 LB P02 -- Who is the Most Efficient Assassin?
List Thread 07-Jul-14 xx C35 L02 LB P02 -- Who Would Be the Most Annoying Real-Life Friend?
List Thread 06-Jul-14 xx C34 L01 LB P02 -- Your Favorite Film Speech/Monologue

List Thread 06-Aug-14 xx C19 L04 LB New -- What is the most famous scene ever?
List Thread 25-May-14 xx C15 L02 LB New -- What is your favorite aspect of Inception?
List Thread 16-May-14 xx C22 L02 LB New -- You loved Inception, and what else?

List Thread 07-Jun-14 xx C09 L01 LB New -- Favorite NewsRadio Character

List Thread 03-Aug-14 xx C17 L01 LB P01 -- The best live action hero team in a movie?

List Thread 07-May-14 xx C09 L03 LB P01 -- Foreign language films nominated for Best Picture Oscar

List Thread 30-Mar-14 xx C15 L04 LB New -- Walking Dead Survivors

List Thread 10-Jul-14 FF C02 L01 LB New -- Michael Scofield VS Ray Breslin: Prison Breaks

List Thread 09-Sep-14 xx C35 L02 LB P01 -- a female Ghostbusters

List Thread 30-Aug-14 FF C02 L00 LB New -- Face-Off : Daniel Day-Lewis Vs Tom Hanks

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