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Lists for the 2015 Holiday Season – 2015-11-16

Lists for the 2015 Holiday Season – 2015-11-16
These are lists that I found on IMDb not submitted as poll suggestions. This is in addition to the Live Polls and Poll Suggestions on November 15, 2015.

26-Nov-2015 Thanksgiving
06-Dec-2015 Hanukkah
25-Dec-2015 Christmas
26-Dec-2015 Boxing Day
31-Dec-2015 New Years Eve

26-Nov-2015 Thanksgiving

Lists found with this Google search:
About 5,870 results

Thanksgiving Themed TV Shows and Movies (Animated)
25 Titles

25 Best Thanksgiving Movies & TV Episodes
25 Titles

The Best Thanksgiving Programs
42 Titles
Thanksgiving Themed episodes from the sitcoms and others. If only network programmers made a priority and aired these memorable episodes on Thanksgiving Day. I know Charlie Brown is still aired but not others here. Some shows aren't shown in rotation in syndication anymore. Too bad, I would love a DVD featuring a Thanksgiving theme of several shows.

Thanksgiving Themed Movies (Adult)
13 Titles

Best Of, Thanksgiving Movies.
45 Titles
When it comes to movies and TV specials, Thanksgiving is like Cinderella. Neglected by her stepsisters Halloween and Christmas, both of which get uglier and uglier each year with commercialization. Every horror movie ever made is perfect for watching on Halloween and god knows there seems to be no end to production of Christmas-related movies and TV shows.
This is my attempt at listing some of the Thanksgiving films and Tv specials that i could think of.

Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving Movies
10 Titles
It's that time again...Thanksgiving! We gather together to ask for sanity during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving Movies to be Thankful For
16 Titles

Thanksgiving on TV 2014
13 Titles
All the new Thanksgiving-themed TV show episodes and specials for 2014. Some annual specials will also be included. Times & dates will be added asap. If I missed any, let me know. Thanks.
Listed in chronological order with Eastern Times.

What I Would Prefer to Watch on Thanksgiving instead of Football.
61 Titles
These movies and TV shows could last somebody all weekend. They are not shown in any particular order, but I have saved the best for last.

Thanksgiving Themed Movies (Family)
3 Titles

The 30 Best Christmas Movies & 2 Thanksgiving Flicks
32 Titles

Thanksgiving on TV 2015
18 Titles
All the new Thanksgiving-themed TV show episodes and specials for 2014. Some annual specials will also be included. Times & dates will be added asap. Anything without a page on IMDB can be found listed up here.
Listed in chronological order with Eastern Times.
The Middle: Thanksgiving VII - Nov. 18th @8pm on ABC
Last Man Standing - The Gratitude List - Nov. 20th @8pm on ABC
Dr. Ken - Thanksgiving Culture Clash - Nov. 20th @8:30pm on ABC.
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - Nov. 26th @9am on CBS

06-Dec-2015 1st Day of Hanukkah

Lists found with this Google search:

Jewish Themed
7 Titles

Maven's Jewish & Israeli Jewels
160 Titles
The Best Popular movies with Jewish and/or Israeli Themes. Recommended for both English Speaking Jews & non-Jews interested in the Traditions, History, Comedy, Arts and Culture of the Jewish People. Also see:
Maven's Jewish & Israeli Documentaries,
Maven's Jewish Essentials,
Animated Jewish & Bible Stories and
Select Jewish-Israeli non-English Movies

Animated Jewish & Bible Stories
20 Titles
The Best Animated videos with Jewish and/or Bible Themes. Recommended for both children and families. Also see:
Maven's Jewish Essentials,
Maven's Animated Favorites,
Maven's Family Favorites (Live Action),
Maven's Jewish & Israeli Jewels for popular movies,
Maven's Jewish & Israeli Documentaries and
Select Jewish-Israeli non-English Movies

Jews in America
10 Titles

25-Dec-2015 Christmas

List found with this Google search:

The WORST Christmas Movies Ever Made
10 Titles
Lists found with this Google search:
About 56,200 results

Christmas Movies 2015
54 Titles

The Ultimate list of made-for-tv Christmas Movies...(and a few more)...
315 Titles
I think I have most of the made-for-tv Christmas movies listed here. And I have many of the direct-to-video Christmas movies listed here too. I just wish all of the movies had poster-pictures.
In no particular order...

Christmas Themed Movies and Movies with Christmas Scenes
945 Titles
This is an exhaustive list of Christmas movies and movies that aren't completely Christmas but have scenes.

Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Family
52 Titles

100+ Christmas movies based on books
110 Titles
I made this list for my blog:

Christmas and Winter Related Movies
49 Titles

I <3 Christmas Movies - Sappy or not :)
790 Titles

25 Days of The Best TV Christmas Movies
25 Titles

Made for TV Christmas Movies
134 Titles

9 Titles
Do you love Christmas themed horror movies? Well, 2015 promises to deliver the bloody goods.

Christmas Movie Marathon
25 Titles
25 Christmas films for 25 days of Christmas.

26-Dec-2015 Boxing Day

Lists found with this Google search:
Boxing Day Movie Guide
10 Titles
Here is a short list of movies covering genres across the board. Whatever your taste may be, check some of these out....., as they will float your boat & blow your hair back at the same time - if they haven't done so already!

31-Dec-2015 New Years Eve

Lists found with this Google search:

New Year's Eve movies
13 Titles
These movies have at least one scene occurring on New Year's Eve

Christmas & New Year
30 Titles

The Best New Year Movies
12 Titles

Top 10 New Year's Films
10 Titles

new year
15 Titles

January 2015 New Year
10 Titles

New Year Movies
19 Titles

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