Friday, December 5, 2014

Jen's Polls

Poll's as of December 6, 2014

Vote 40 is the new 30, right? RIGHT!??!??
Vote A musician directed it!
Vote Actin' Cousins
Vote Actor we lost in 2013 you'll miss most?
Vote Actual siblings playing siblings
Vote Almost EGOT!
Vote AMPAS Hollywood Costume Exhibit
Vote An actor wrote it!
Vote Andy Serkis non-CGI role.*
Vote Bad Santa!
Vote Behind the Scenes documentaries
Vote Best Beach Scene?
Vote Best current US drama TV show starring a woman?
Vote Best Friends Thanksgiving episode?
Vote Best of C.D. Bales's Joking Insults Better Than "Big Nose"?
Vote Best personification of Wyatt Earp?
Vote Black male actors of a certain age.
Vote Booed at Cannes!
Vote Can YOU survive these movies?
Vote Change one letter, get a whole new film!
Vote Chasing the silver fox!
Vote Claustrophics...STAY AWAY!
Vote Coen Brothers drama vs. comedy?
Vote Coldest movie ever?
Vote Come again?
Vote Coolest character name in a Guy Ritchie movie?
Vote Coolest film costumes by an established fashion designer?
Vote Coolest Movie Poster of 2014?
Vote Craziest new "Peter Pan" project?
Vote Craziest stage name by Henry Willson?
Vote Current crime-solving TV duo you'd want on your case?
Vote Don't Mind the Gap!
Vote Elizabeth Pena, RIP.
Vote EW's 25 Best Characters on TV (currently).
Vote Fave '13 film featuring a struggle against overwhelming odds?
Vote Fave director or actor to be invited to join the Academy in 2014?
Vote Favorite "that guy" actor? Part 2
Vote Favorite 2014 Emmy win?
Vote Favorite acting Jennifer?
Vote Favorite alum of Crossroads School?
Vote Favorite artwork that inspired a movie or scene?
Vote Favorite Baywatch Babe?
Vote Favorite cameo on Big Bang Theory?
Vote Favorite Canadian film director?
Vote Favorite classic game show host?
Vote Favorite Clint Eastwood western?
Vote Favorite cop comedy TV show?
Vote Favorite Costner sports film?
Vote Favorite film about a pianist?
Vote Favorite film about an unconventional sport?
Vote Favorite film about or inspired by the Beatles*?
Vote Favorite film about struggling immigrants?
Vote Favorite film based on a Newberry Medal-winning book?
Vote Favorite film based on a Philip K. Dick story?
Vote Favorite film Dracula?
Vote Favorite film featuring an amputee or amputation?
Vote Favorite film made from an Oprah Book Club selection?*
Vote Favorite film set in the Australian Outback?
Vote Favorite film starring Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis?
Vote Favorite film with a black woman in the lead role?
Vote Favorite film with multiple acting Oscar noms in the same category?
Vote Favorite former Daily Show correspondent or host*?
Vote Favorite Garland/Minnelli collaboration?
Vote Favorite Jr. actor?
Vote Favorite lesbian couple in film?
Vote Favorite Mother-Daughter(s) acting team?
Vote Favorite movie performance while pregnant in reality?
Vote Favorite movie(s) adapted from Young Adult books?
Vote Favorite Mumblecore film?
Vote Favorite musical act to appear in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
Vote Favorite Native American character on TV*?
Vote Favorite non-European film to win the Foreign Language Film Oscar?
Vote Favorite Olivia Wilde film performance?
Vote Favorite Oscar-nommed performance as multiple characters?
Vote Favorite performance as a Pixar hero?
Vote Favorite performance by an actor of extreme old age?
Vote Favorite revenge film?
Vote Favorite Robert Rodriguez/Jessica Alba collaboration?
Vote Favorite rock musical?
Vote Favorite show starring a "Friend"?
Vote Favorite sitcom starring a stand up comic?
Vote Favorite stop-motion animated movie?
Vote Favorite TV bartender?
Vote Favorite TV Fred?
Vote Favorite TV series set mainly in a school?
Vote Favorite wedding movie?
Vote Film directors who direct themselves.
Vote Final film farewell.
Vote Freakiest season of American Horror Story?
Vote Friday Face-Off: Better Holy Grail movie?
Vote Friday Face-Off: Better swordswoman?
Vote Friday Face-Off: Bill Murray and Harold Ramis or Wes Anderson?
Vote Friday Face-Off: Laika feature films
Vote Friday Face-Off: Paul WS Anderson vs. Luc Besson?
Vote From child movie star to...?
Vote Game of Thrones actor most transformed by their makeup/costume?
Vote Great Greeks!
Vote Greatest film written by Frank Miller?
Vote Greatest Halloween TV episode?
Vote Greatest Simpsons' Episode, EVER.
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (1975-1979)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (1980-1984)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (1985-1989)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (1990-1994)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (1995-1999)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (2000-2004)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (2005-2009)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (2010-2014)
Vote Greatest SNL cast member ever (final)?
Vote Greatest Western sidekick?
Vote Guys...who would you dress as in drag?
Vote Happy Birthday David Mamet!
Vote High school sports coaches in movies.
Vote Hottest dad currently on TV?
Vote Hottest mom currently on TV?
Vote How do you feel about the 24 reboot?
Vote I want to date who she's dated!
Vote I want to go to there...Amazing Race locales
Vote In honor of Labor Day!
Vote In honor of Veterans Day
Vote In reality, which would you win?
Vote It was 20 years ago today…
Vote It was 30 years ago today…
Vote James Garner, RIP
Vote Johnny Depp hat you'd like to own?
Vote Killer performances
Vote Late Bloomers
Vote Lesser-known roles of Robin Williams.
Vote Livin' the Greek Life!
Vote LL Cool J vs. Ice-T
Vote Long-delayed musical biopic you most want to see?
Vote Longest-serving soap opera stars.
Vote Memorable dolls in movies.
Vote Michel Gondry music videos
Vote Mikkelsen vs. Coster-Waldau?
Vote Most adapted authors in film
Vote Most Anticipated Fall 2013 TV Show?
Vote Most awesome casting on Drunk History?
Vote Most beautiful actress represented by Ford Models?
Vote Most beautiful movie wedding dress?
Vote Most beautiful Robert Rodriguez character?
Vote Most believable performance as a blind person?
Vote Most beloved classic acting couple?
Vote Most charismatic US football player ever?
Vote Most creative decade for Woody Allen?
Vote Most creative TV title design of the last 20 years?
Vote Most fascinating movie/tv person to make Barbara Walters'....
Vote Most fun musican/band cameo on a sitcom?
Vote Most glorious birth name of an actor?
Vote Most heart-rending film set in a concentration camp?
Vote Most iconic movie poster designed by Anthony Goldschmidt?
Vote Most memorable Bond henchman?
Vote Most memorable Bond theme song?
Vote Most memorable instrumental TV theme song?
Vote Most talented married couple now working in movies or tv?
Vote Most trustworthy US national news anchor?
Vote New Broadway music based on a film you'd be most likely to see?
Vote New fall '14 TV show you most want to watch?
Vote Once Upon a Time…
Vote Oscar de la Renta's most stunning red carpet design?
Vote Oscar-winning director you'd like to see make a comeback?
Vote People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive
Vote Puff, puff, pass.
Vote Relative Casting: Part 2
Vote Returning mid-season tv shows?
Vote Sexiest movie alien?
Vote She's too young to be their mother!
Vote Sir Richard Attenborough, RIP.
Vote So you couldn't make it to Comic-Con…
Vote So you want to be a thief?
Vote Suggestion: Greatest song from a musical?
Vote Suggestion: The horror...the horror!
Vote Supermodels as actors?
Vote Surprising writing credits.
Vote Take my wife, please!
Vote That guy is everywhere!
Vote The dead of midnight is the noon of thought.*
Vote The Emmy First-Timers Club…
Vote The name remains the same…
Vote The oeuvre of Lasse Hallström
Vote The one and only…
Vote The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You!
Vote The Slap Felt 'Round the World
Vote The worst of the best.
Vote They were everywhere in 2013!
Vote They've still got it!
Vote They've still got it...?
Vote Thursday Throwback: Greatest silent movie actress?
Vote Thursday Throwback: John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara films
Vote Top Earning Actresses 2014.
Vote Toughest female boxer in films?
Vote TV show ending '14-'15 you'll miss most.
Vote Unusual names only actors have…
Vote Upcoming "based on a true story" film you most want to see?
Vote Upcoming Cumberbatch project that excites you most?
Vote Wait...WHO are you and WHERE are you from?
Vote What did your dad do?
Vote What language besides English do you most watch movies in?
Vote What might have been?
Vote What's your age again?
Vote What's your sign?
Vote When life gives you lemons…
Vote Where do you live?
Vote Which actor would you like as your quiz show partner?
Vote Which actor's band would you be most likely to see live?
Vote Which film has the most diabolical con artist(s)?
Vote Which fivesome would do best on Family Feud?
Vote Which is your favorite actor with unusual eyes?
Vote Which member of the Ocean's Eleven gang are you?
Vote Which movie bookstore would you most like to visit?
Vote Which of the Devious Maids is the hottest?
Vote Which Peanuts character are you?
Vote Which rare movie snack would you put in all theaters?
Vote Which SNL cast member had the greatest serious role*?
Vote Which tv chef* or great cook do you want to make your holiday meal?
Vote Who do you want as the female lead in True Detective 2?
Vote Who is the most attractive Glee male?
Vote Who is the Queen of Scream?
Vote Who was the King of Cool in the '60s?
Vote Who will be the biggest star of Summer 2014?
Vote Who would you want to live with?
Vote Whose performance most embodied JFK?
Vote Why are you in detention?
Vote Winner of a 2014 Academy Honorary Award.
Vote Without a Trace?
Vote Worst final season?
Vote Worst movie to watch on a plane?
Vote Your fave of EW's 25 best scenes of this TV season?
Vote Your fave of the highest-grossing sports movies?
Vote You're stuck with a dead body...what do you do with it?