Saturday, August 10, 2019

8000th Poll

8000th Poll

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8000th (5-Aug-2019) Favorite Tarantino Poster 
7000th (21-Oct-2018) Favorite Horror Anthology TV Series
6000th (25-Dec-2017) Favorite Augmented Film Title Page
5000th (11-Feb-2017) IMDb Celebrating 5,000 Live Polls With Time Travel
4000th (17-Apr-2016) IMDb Celebrating 4,000 Live Polls With Time Travel
3000th (10-Aug-2015) 3000th Poll Celebration : Favorite first 3-time Oscar winner in one category ...
2000th (23-Nov-2014) In Honor of the 2000th Poll
1000th (5-May-2014) What Physical/Mental Enhancement can make you Perfect?
500th (23-Jan-2014) What To Name Your Dragon?
100th (15-Oct-2013) The Stephen Frears Poll Redux
4th, 1st User Poll (15-Aug-2013) Who is Your Favorite Doctor Who?
1st (15-Aug-2013) Who Is the Nastiest Villain?

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