Friday, May 18, 2018

Top Rafael_M Polls 17-May-2018

Congratulations Rafael_M on Being the First Poll Author to Reach 1.3 Million Votes


Congratulations, Rafael_M!

As of 16-May-2018 7:31 PM Pacific, you are the first person to reach 1,300,000 votes. Your 297 polls have 1,300,510 votes for an average of 4,379 votes per poll.

Top 5 Live Polls By Rafael_M
Vote If an American actor HAD to play James Bond, it would have to be…
Vote Face-Off: Iron Man vs. Armored Batman
Vote Favorite Fantasy TV series?
Vote Weird Hamlets
Vote R-Rated Comic Book Movies

Top 5 Most Active Live Polls By Rafael_M
Vote R-Rated Comic Book Movies
Vote Super Soundtrack Face-Off: Guardians vs. Watchmen
Vote Favorite blockbuster-in-the-water
Vote American Super Heroes By British Actors
Vote Best R-Rated Oscar winning movie?

Top 5 Hotly Contested Live Polls By Rafael_M
Vote Raising some Eyebrows
Vote Hero in Time
Vote Ellen's Oscar "Selfie" Poll
Vote Batman's "Batusi" vs. Vincent's Twist
Vote Batman, Beetlejuice or Birdman

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