Monday, September 4, 2017

Fourth Anniversary of the IMDb Poll

Happy fourth anniversary!

The current version of the IMDb Poll went live on September 4, 2013. This achievement is due to the creativity and efforts of the 299 authors with published polls, more than 1000 people who suggested polls and the thousands of IMDb users who vote in these polls.

Thank you Col Needham for trusting the IMDb user community to run the poll on a day to day basis.
Special thanks go to two members of IMDb’s technical staff who implemented the poll and provided guidance and technical support for the first two years. Thanks also go to the IMDb Editors, who have provided support and guidance on polls since June 2015 and the other IMDb Poll admins.


Polls by Date

First Poll:
Who Is the Nastiest Villain?
by muzzle

Most Current Poll: Putting Away Your Whites for Winter
by yrnej

Polls By Vote

Poll with Most Votes:
Best Movie to Have Been the IMDb Top 250 #1

Hotly Contested Polls

Most Contested:
Favorite Bumpy Train Ride?
by dgranger
Most Lopsided: 
Which Movie Will Win At The Box Office? Dec 18, 2015
by pollmaster
First Author: muzzle
Newest Author: alexkravchenko 

Votes by Author

Author With Most Votes: Rafael_M
Author With Most Polls: yrnej
Author With Highest Average: Mega_wizard
Author With Highest Average Votes per Poll: lakshaynagpal1994

Author's With Poll Maker Badge
01 Rafael_M (Jan 16, 2014)
02 ElMaruecan82 (Jan 16,2014)
39 NDbportmanfan (Aug 13, 2017)