Sunday, January 20, 2019

FAQ: Time to Go Live

Just because a poll has not gone live, does not mean that it is not a worthy candidate for going live in the future. It takes time and effort to develop a poll that is both enjoyable to take and meets IMDb's minimum standards. Polls with very clear criteria that limit their scope, are well written and unique generally go live faster than polls that have broad criteria. The IMDb Poll message board receives on average between five and ten poll suggestions per day. If you see a poll you like that has not gone live, you can help get that poll noticed by casting a straw vote or making constructive suggestions in the poll suggestion thread. On average it takes 79.6 days to go live. Fifty percent (the median or 50 percentile) of polls go live in 11.2 days. Here are some plots that show how long a poll takes to go live: