Monday, February 22, 2016

Oscar Related Polls

Alphabetical list of live Oscar related IMDb polls through 21-Feb-2016.
IMDb Polls - Alphabetical
From that list, are these Oscar related polls:
Vote ... and the Oscar goes to... Space...
Vote 25 Acting Oscar-Nominations at the Age of 25 ...
Vote 25 Oscar-winning villains …
Vote 3 actors, 3 actresses, 3 Oscars each …
Vote 3000th Poll Celebration : Favorite first 3-time Oscar winner in one category ...
Vote 9 Oscar Nominations!
Vote Actors Who Won an Oscar for Their Debut Film
Vote Actors Winning a Third Oscar
Vote Actress Oscar Winner for Playing Someone Mentally or Physically Disabled
Vote Actresses who have won both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress
Vote An Oscar for Inside Out
Vote Animated Characters with Oscar-Winning Voices
Vote Back to Back Oscar Winners
Vote Contemporary True Story Oscar nod
Vote Cruise, Pitt or Depp: Which one gets the Oscar first?
Vote Directors Whose Films Won Most Oscars
Vote Emmy-nominated Roles played by Oscar-winners
Vote Ennio Morricone's Best Oscar Nominated Score
Vote Face-Off: De Niro vs. Pacino: Five Leading Oscar noms...
Vote Favorite Family film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar …
Vote Favorite film with multiple acting Oscar noms in the same category?
Vote Favorite non-European film to win the Foreign Language Film Oscar?
Vote Favorite Oscar Moment
Vote Favorite Oscar-nommed performance as multiple characters?
Vote Favourite of Michael Caine's Oscar-Nominated Roles?
Vote Favourite Oscar nominated President?
Vote Favourite Oscar-Nominated Actor to Appear in a Batman Film?
Vote Favourite Oscar-Nominated James Stewart Role?
Vote Favourite Oscar-Nominated Star Wars Actor?
Vote Films With Most Oscar-Nominations
Vote Films With Most Oscars
Vote First-time Oscar nominees
Vote For which movie should Peter O'Toole have won an acting Oscar?
Vote For which movie Sigourney Weaver should've received an Oscar?
Vote John Williams, A Lifetime Of Oscars Nominations
Vote Leo-Kate Oscar Nominated Performances
Vote Meryl Streep, 17 roles, 17 Oscar nominations ...
Vote Mickey Rooney Oscar Films
Vote Missing Oscar Categories
Vote Most Deserving Honorary Oscar
Vote Most Deserving of the Special Achievement Award
Vote Most Deserving Oscar Winning Quartet
Vote Most Deserving Winner Of At Least 3 Oscars In A Single Year
Vote Most Memorable Character to win Oscar Best Actress in past 23 Years
Vote Most memorable Oscar-winning performance by a black actor
Vote Most Surprising IMDb-Top-250 Film to get Zero Oscar Nominations
Vote Most Surprising Oscar Fact
Vote Movies nominated for the 7 Major Oscars ...
Vote My First Oscars
Vote Oscar de la Renta's most stunning red carpet design?
Vote Oscar Face-Off: Chris Rock vs. Eddie Murphy
Vote Oscar Face-Off: Katharine Hepburn vs Meryl Streep
Vote Oscar nod with a cowboy hat
Vote Oscar Nod with a Dirty Mouth
Vote Oscar Nominated Child Performances
Vote Oscar Nominated Films By William Wyler
Vote Oscar Nominated for a Mentally Handicapped Character
Vote Oscar Predictions : Best Animated Feature
Vote Oscar winning Aussies and Kiwis
Vote Oscar Winning Disney Songs
Vote Oscar Winning Horror Movies
Vote Oscar winning non-English language role
Vote Oscar winning performances...Live!
Vote Oscar-less Actors you would like to have an Oscar.
Vote Oscar-nominated 'Georges' …
Vote Oscar-nominated second-time performances …
Vote Oscars 2016: A Single Nomination
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Cinematography
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Costume Design
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Directing
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Editing
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Production Design
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Visual Effects
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Actor in a Leading Role
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Adapted Screenplay
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Documentary Feature
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Documentary, Short Subject
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Foreign Language Film
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Motion Picture of the Year
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Original Screenplay
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Short Film, Animated
Vote Oscars 2016: Best Short Film, Live Action
Vote Oscars 2016: Favorite Poster
Vote Oscars 2016: Films with Multiple Nominations
Vote Oscars 2016: First Time Nominees
Vote Oscars 2016: Original Score
Vote Oscars 2016: Original Song
Vote Oscars Fashion Face-Off: The Ethereals
Vote Oscar-winning director you'd like to see make a comeback?
Vote Oscar-worthy Horror movie performances
Vote Pitt, Cruise, DiCaprio and Depp, what should they have won the Oscar for?
Vote Shortest Oscar Acting Performance
Vote Sibling Oscar nominees.
Vote Special Anniversaries: IMDb & Oscar-winning Actors
Vote Technically the Best Oscar Movies Ever!
Vote Ten Oscar-nominated Whistleblowers
Vote The 'Elite Oscar' Club ...
Vote They love each other, and get the Oscar together …
Vote They won at least 5 Oscars but not the Best Picture …
Vote Things you'd love to hear during an Oscar speech...
Vote Throwback: For Which Film Should Hitchcock Have Won A Directing Oscar?
Vote Throwback: For which role should Richard Burton have won the Oscar?
Vote Tony/Oscar Crossovers
Vote Triple crown of Oscar nominations …
Vote Which is the Biggest Surprise of the 2016 Oscar Nominations?
Vote Will you be boycotting the Oscars this year?
Vote Your favorite Oscar winner for playing a real person who was still alive at the time?

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