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2019-10-06 Friday Face-Off Polls

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Vote "Dirty" Harry Callahan's Catchphrases
Vote "Game of Thrones" Face-Off: Valyrian Steel vs. Dragonglass vs. Ice vs. Wildfire
Vote "Most Wonderful Time" Face-Off: Holidays vs. Awards Season
Vote "The Walking Dead": Which Woman Wields Weapons Better?
Vote "X-Files" Face-Off: Mulder vs. Scully
Vote #OscarsSoRight?
Vote 1950: The Year of the Female Villain
Vote 1954-1963: The Foreign Directors' Decade
Vote 1969 TV Debuts
Vote 1982 Oscars - The Year of the Gender Switch
Vote 1993 Anti-Gangster Face-Off
Vote 1996: Oscar Nominee, Stand Up!
Vote 2016 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Director
Vote 2016 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Feature
Vote 2016 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Female Lead
Vote 2016 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Male Lead
Vote 2016 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies: Passengers Vs. Arrival Vs. The Circle
Vote A "Transparent" Face-Off
Vote A Black James Bond?
Vote A Charlie Brown Christmas or How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Vote A Goofy Anniversary
Vote A 'Hidden Figures' Face-Off
Vote Addams or Munster?
Vote 'Agatha Christie' Casting Face-Off: Stone vs Vikander
Vote Aladdin Genie Face-Off: Williams vs. Smith vs. Castellaneta
Vote Amon Goeth vs Anton Chigurh vs Joker vs Hans Landa
Vote An Oscar for Inside Out
Vote Anderson vs Anderson vs Anderson
Vote Animal-Titled Best Picture Winners
Vote Animated or Live-action
Vote April Fool's Face-off: The gang from Sunny vs. Workaholics
Vote Are 'Star Wars' films Fantasy or more Science Fiction?
Vote Armstrong Face-Off
Vote Arrow vs. Daredevil
Vote Babe or Miss Piggy?
Vote Bad Bardems: Chigurh vs Silva
Vote Bad, Bad Normans
Vote Batman Face-Off: Bale vs. Affleck
Vote Batman's "Batusi" vs. Vincent's Twist
Vote Beatles or Elvis?
Vote Bespectacled Showdown: Potter vs. Walter vs. Peter
Vote Bilbo vs. Thorin vs. Gandalf
Vote Bond Face-Off: Lazenby vs. Dalton
Vote Box Office Champ: Gone with the Wind vs. The Force Awakens
Vote Brazilian or "Brazil"?
Vote Buffy Face-Off: Team Angel or Team Spike
Vote Can Video Games Be Art?
Vote Cap. T. Hanks Face-Off: Saving Private Ryan Vs. Captain Phillips Vs. Sully
Vote Catwoman vs. Black Widow
Vote Chaplin Face-Off: City Lights vs. Modern Times
Vote Choose Your Car to Drive with 'The Fate of the Furious'
Vote Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee
Vote Coen Brothers drama vs. comedy?
Vote Coolest 'Avengers' Official Poster
Vote Costume Face-Off: Ant-Man vs. Atom
Vote Costume Face-Off: Arrow vs Green Arrow
Vote Costume Face-Off: Different Versions of Batman
Vote Costume Face-Off: Different Versions of Superman
Vote Cumberbatch vs. Fassbender
Vote Cyberpunk: Blade Runner vs. Ghost In The Shell
Vote Da Horror! Da horror?
Vote Daniel Day-Lewis vs. Gary Oldman
Vote David Fincher vs. Christopher Nolan
Vote Dawn of Justice Costume Face-Off: Batman vs Wonder Woman vs Superman
Vote DC Comics vs. Marvel: Who Was the Bigger Hero at Comic-Con?
Vote Deadliest Member of The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
Vote Death - Seventh Seal vs B&T's Bogus Journey
Vote Deceptive, drunk, and a dead shot
Vote Despicable to the Max
Vote Dexter Vs Dexter Vs Dexter
Vote Digimon vs. Pokémon
Vote Disney Face-Off: Animals vs Humans
Vote Django vs Django
Vote Do You Need Likeable Protagonists?
Vote Does Your Favorite Film Pass the Bechdel Test?
Vote Dubbed or subtitles
Vote Dueling Time Traveling Doctors
Vote Easter Egg Hunting During Movies/TV Shows
Vote Emmy Awards 2015: Social Significance Face-Off
Vote Emmy Face-off: Ben Mendelsohn or Jonathan Banks
Vote Emmys Face-off: "Game of Thrones" or "Mad Men"
Vote Emmys Showdown: "American Crime" vs "American Horror Story: Freak Show"
Vote Emmys Showdown: SNL vs. Inside Amy Schumer?
Vote Ennio Morricone vs Sergio Leone
Vote Ethical dilemma: Would you knowingly "spoil" a movie for others?
Vote Evil Bills
Vote Face Off : Brasco vs. Darko …
Vote Face Off : Casablanca vs. Chinatown vs. Network
Vote Face Off : First, Second or Third Installment?
Vote Face off : Jennifer Lawrence vs Scarlett Johansson
Vote Face Off : The Dark Knight Trilogy
Vote Face Off! This guy really "Bugs" me!
Vote Face Off: Best Movie Sight & Sound Poll
Vote Face Off: Favorite Bickering 80's Detectives Who Got Together
Vote Face Off: Flintstones Vs Jetsons Vs Scooby Vs Yogi Bear Vs Wacky Races
Vote Face Off: Hogwarts vs Starfleet Academy vs Xavier’s School
Vote Face Off: I prefer John Wayne in.....
Vote Face Off: Keyser Soze vs John Doe
Vote Face Off: Nicholson vs Streep
Vote Face Off: Robin Williams vs. Bill Murray
Vote Face Off: Stranger Things vs. Westworld
Vote Face/Off Friday
Vote Face-Off & Birthday Bash : Kevin Kline Vs F.Murray Abraham
Vote Face-Off / Disney Heroes : Male vs. Female
Vote Face-Off / Disney Villains : Male vs. Female
Vote Face-Off : AFI's Classic Series' Quotes...
Vote Face-Off : Ahsoka Tano Vs. Asajj Ventress
Vote Face-Off : Alien Vs. Predator
Vote Face-Off : Black Canary Vs. Black Widow
Vote Face-Off : Brainiac Vs. Ultron
Vote Face-Off : Cage vs. Travolta
Vote Face-Off : Captain America 2 Vs Guardians Of The Galaxy
Vote Face-Off : Clone Army Vs. Droid Army
Vote Face-Off : Continuous Storyline vs. Individual Episodes
Vote Face-Off : DC Villains Vs Marvel Villains
Vote Face-Off : Deadpool Vs. Deathstroke
Vote Face-Off : Eric Bana Vs. Edward Norton Vs. Mark Ruffalo
Vote Face-Off : Four sex symbols named Kim...
Vote Face-Off : Gary vs. Jackie vs. Chris vs. Bradley ...
Vote Face-Off : Genie Vs. The Mask
Vote Face-Off : Godard vs. Truffaut
Vote Face-Off : Hayao Miyazaki vs. Isao Takahata
Vote Face-Off : Heroes Vs Villians
Vote Face-Off : Homer Simpson vs. Bart Simpson
Vote Face-Off : IMDb vs. Facebook
Vote Face-Off : James Cagney vs. Edward G. Robinson
Vote Face-Off : Jedi Order Vs. Sith Order
Vote Face-Off : Jennifer Lawrence Vs. Rebecca Romijn
Vote Face-Off : Jim Carrey Vs Steve Carell
Vote Face-Off : John Turturro with Spike Lee or Coen Brothers
Vote Face-Off : John Williams Vs Hans Zimmer
Vote Face-Off : Maggie Simpson vs. Ike Broflovski
Vote Face-Off : Marlon Brando Vs Jack Nicholson
Vote Face-Off : Marty McFly Vs Ferris Bueller
Vote Face-Off : Modern Family Vs The Big Bang Theory
Vote Face-Off : Morgan Freeman Vs Samuel l Jackson
Vote Face-Off : Princess Leia vs. Princess Jasmine …
Vote Face-Off : Professor X Vs. Magneto
Vote Face-Off : QT vs. Woody …
Vote Face-off : Scarlett Johansson vs. Natalie Portman (Pink wig edition)
Vote Face-Off : Snake Eyes Vs. Storm Shadow
Vote Face-Off : Superman Vs. The Flash Vs. Quicksilver
Vote Face-Off : The Matrix Vs. The Grid
Vote Face-Off : Thor Vs. Raiden Vs. Zeus
Vote Face-Off : Tobey Maguire Vs. Andrew Garfield
Vote Face-Off : Tony Stark Vs. Bruce Wayne
Vote Face-Off : Travis Bickle vs. Rocky Balboa …
Vote Face-Off : Tron Vs. Renegade
Vote Face-Off : Underworld Series Vs. Twilight Series
Vote Face-Off : Valmont vs. Valjean ...
Vote Face-Off : Wonder Woman Vs. Hawkgirl
Vote Face-Off in Honor of a Maverick
Vote Face-Off TV royal grannies: Lady Olenna Tyrell vs. Lady Violet Crawley
Vote Face-off! Ultimately, where does your trust lie?
Vote Face-off/Throwback: Ing. Bergman vs. Ing. Bergman
Vote Face-Off: "AFI's 100 Years..." — Non-Human Heroes
Vote Face-Off: "AFI's 100 Years..." — Non-Human Villains
Vote Face-Off: "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" vs. 'O.J.: Made in America'
Vote Face-Off: "Band of Brothers" vs. "Planet Earth II"
Vote Face-Off: "Black Mirror" vs. 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'
Vote Face-Off: "BoJack Horseman" vs. "Rick and Morty"
Vote Face-Off: "Breaking Bad" vs. "Better Call Saul"
Vote Face-Off: "Breaking Bad" vs. "Game of Thrones"
Vote Face-Off: "Fear the Walking Dead" vs. "The Walking Dead"
Vote Face-Off: "Gadot as Wonder Woman" vs. "Robbie as Harley Quinn"
Vote Face-Off: "Gilligan's Island" vs. "The Brady Bunch"
Vote Face-Off: "Olympic Games" vs. "Games of Throne" vs. "Hunger Games"
Vote Face-Off: "Orange is the New Black" vs. "Weeds"
Vote Face-Off: "Oz" vs. "Orange Is the New Black"
Vote Face-Off: "Parasyte: The Maxim" vs. "Tokyo Ghoul"
Vote Face-Off: "Peaky Blinders" vs. "Taboo"
Vote Face-Off: "Room" vs. "The Room"...
Vote Face-Off: "Roseanne" vs. "Will & Grace"
Vote Face-Off: "Shameless"
Vote Face-Off: "Star Trek: Discovery" vs. "The Orville"
Vote Face-Off: "Steins;Gate" vs. "Erased"
Vote Face-Off: "Stranger Things" vs. "Black Mirror"
Vote Face-Off: "True Blood" vs. "True Detective"
Vote Face-Off: ‘Goldfinger’ vs. ‘Casino Royale’
Vote Face-Off: ‘The Disaster Artist’ vs. ‘Ed Wood’
Vote Face-Off: “Friends” vs. “The Big Bang Theory”
Vote Face-Off: 1992 Songs' Revivals...
Vote Face-Off: 1997 Science-fictional Musical Performance
Vote Face-Off: 20 Years of 'Jerry Maguire' Quotes
Vote Face-Off: '2001: A Space Odyssey' vs. 'Blade Runner'
Vote Face-Off: 2016 Superhero Fights
Vote Face-Off: 2016's MCU vs. DCEU vs. Fox Films
Vote Face-Off: 2017 Top Grossing Films vs. 2017 Oscar Nominated Films
Vote Face-Off: 2018 NCAA Men's Final Four
Vote Face-Off: 2018 Top Grossing Films vs. 2018 Oscar Nominated Films
Vote Face-Off: 3 Pop Icons born in 1958
Vote Face-Off: 3D vs. 2D
Vote Face-Off: 5 Continental Conquerors
Vote Face-Off: 8 Women
Vote Face-Off: A Black & White Christmas
Vote Face-Off: A Boy and His Bear
Vote Face-Off: 'A Separation' vs. 'The Salesman'
Vote Face-Off: AFI's Screen Duos
Vote Face-Off: AFI's Top 10 Heroes vs. Villains
Vote Face-Off: AFI's Top 10 Heroes vs. Villains
Vote Face-off: Akira Kurosawa vs. Hayao Miyazaki
Vote Face-Off: Alice in Wonderland vs The Wizard of Oz
Vote Face-Off: Alice vs Lara Croft
Vote Face-Off: Alicia Vikander - Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress
Vote Face-Off: Alien Invasion vs Zombie Apocalypse
Vote Face-Off: Alien vs. The Thing
Vote Face-Off: 'All That Jazz' vs. 'Cabaret'
Vote Face-Off: 'All the President's Men' vs. 'The Post'
Vote Face-Off: Allen vs. Costner vs. Eastwood vs. Gibson
Vote Face-Off: American Psycho vs. The Machinist
Vote Face-Off: Amy and Tina at the Golden Globes!
Vote Face-Off: Andersen According to Disney
Vote Face-Off: Andrei Tarkovsky vs. Ingmar Bergman
Vote Face-Off: Andrew Beckett vs. Clarice vs. Hannibal
Vote Face-Off: Angelina Jolie vs Brad Pitt
Vote Face-Off: Angry Birds
Vote Face-Off: Annette Bening vs. Isabelle Huppert
Vote Face-Off: Anthony Hopkins vs. Kevin Spacey
Vote Face-Off: Apocalypse Now vs. Platoon
Vote Face-Off: 'Aquaman' vs. 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'
Vote Face-Off: Arabia and Wolves
Vote Face-off: Argo vs Fargo vs Cargo vs Key Largo
Vote Face-Off: Arwen vs Galadriel
Vote Face-Off: Attitude Towards Christmas
Vote Face-Off: Avengers vs. X-Men vs. Guardians of the Galaxy
Vote Face-Off: 'Avengers: Endgame' Box Office Prediction
Vote Face-Off: 'Avengers: Endgame' vs. "Game of Thrones"
Vote Face-Off: 'Avengers: Infinity War' vs. 'Avengers: Endgame'
Vote Face-Off: 'Avengers: Infinity War' vs. 'The Dark Knight'
Vote Face-Off: Average Joes - Jimmy Stewart vs. Tom Hanks
Vote Face-Off: Baby vs. Driver
Vote Face-Off: Bad Blake vs Llewyn Davis
Vote Face-Off: Baggins vs Baggins
Vote Face-Off: Baggins vs. Baggins
Vote Face-Off: Batman on the screen: best adaptation
Vote Face-Off: Batman Vs Deadpool
Vote Face-Off: Batman vs. Superman
Vote Face-Off: Batter Up! - Negan vs. Harley Quinn
Vote Face-Off: Battle of the 6'3" Women!
Vote Face-Off: Battle of the Apes
Vote Face-Off: Battle of the Bruce
Vote Face-Off: Battle of the Caribbean Pirates
Vote Face-Off: Battle of the Kung Fu Panda Villains
Vote Face-Off: Battle of the Sith Lords
Vote Face-Off: Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games
Vote Face-Off: Before or After IMDb
Vote Face-Off: Ben Hur vs Titanic vs Lord of the Rings
Vote Face-Off: Berg/Wahlberg
Vote Face-Off: Best "Game of Thrones" King's Hand
Vote Face-Off: Best Alfred Pennyworth: Batman's Butler
Vote Face-Off: Best Commissioner Gordon from Batman
Vote Face-Off: Best Network Type - 'Original Programming'
Vote Face-Off: Best or Worst
Vote Face-Off: Best Picture vs. Golden Palm
Vote Face-Off: Best Prequel Trilogy
Vote Face-Off: Best Top 250 Crime Remake
Vote Face-Off: Better Holy Grail movie?
Vote Face-Off: Better swordswoman?
Vote Face-Off: Betty White vs. Betty White
Vote Face-Off: Big Groot vs. Baby Groot vs. Medium Groot
Vote Face-Off: Bilbo Baggins V Dr. John Watson
Vote Face-Off: Bill & Ted vs. Wayne & Garth
Vote Face-Off: Bill Murray and Harold Ramis or Wes Anderson?
Vote Face-off: Birdman vs. Black Swan
Vote Face-Off: Black Widow Hairstyles
Vote Face-Off: 'Blade Runner 2049' vs 'Mad Max: Fury Road'
Vote Face-Off: 'Blade Runner' vs. 'Blade Runner 2049'
Vote Face-Off: Blockbuster Documentaries
Vote Face-Off: Blofeld vs. Dr. Evil
Vote Face-Off: Blofeld vs. Dr. Evil
Vote Face-Off: 'Blow-Up' vs. 'The Conversation' vs. 'Blow Out'
Vote Face-Off: Bogart's Detective Movies
Vote Face-Off: Bogey and Bacall vs. Tracy and Hepburn
Vote Face-Off: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' vs. 'Rocketman'
Vote Face-Off: Books vs. Movies
Vote Face-Off: Borat vs Bruno vs The Dictator
Vote Face-Off: Boromir vs Ned Stark
Vote Face-Off: Brad vs. Bradley?
Vote Face-Off: 'Braveheart' vs. 'Hacksaw Ridge'
Vote Face-Off: Breaking Bad vs The Wire vs Narcos
Vote Face-Off: Bronson vs. Legend
Vote Face-Off: Bruce Banner vs. Bruce Wayne
Vote Face-Off: Bruce Banner vs. Bruce Wayne
Vote Face-Off: Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan
Vote Face-Off: Bruce Willis Action Star
Vote Face-Off: Buster Keaton vs Charles Chaplin
Vote Face-Off: 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' vs. 'The Sting'
Vote Face-Off: Butch Coolidge vs. Anton Chigurh
Vote Face-Off: Can't Quite Put a Finger on It!
Vote Face-Off: Capes or No Capes on Your Superheroes?
Vote Face-Off: Captain America vs. Captain Marvel
Vote Face-Off: Captain Jason Isaacs
Vote Face-Off: 'Captain Marvel' Vs. 'Wonder Woman'
Vote Face-Off: Cass-t Out the Demons
Vote Face-Off: Cast Your Marvel Allegiance Now For Civil War
Vote Face-Off: Catch Me If You Can Vs. Minority Report
Vote Face-Off: Cersei vs Joffrey vs Ramsay
Vote Face-Off: Chandler Bing vs Niles Crane
Vote Face-Off: Chaplin vs. Iron Man vs. Sherlock Holmes
Vote Face-Off: Chewie, Artoo, & Threepio
Vote Face-Off: Chicago Franchise TV Series
Vote Face-off: Choose Sam-one to Be Your Best Friend!
Vote Face-Off: Choose Sam-one to Be Your Best Friend!
Vote Face-Off: Christmas Movie Sequels
Vote Face-Off: Christmas with Bing Crosby
Vote Face-Off: Christoph Waltz vs. Christoph Waltz
Vote Face-Off: Chucky vs. Annabelle
Vote Face-Off: Clint Eastwood vs. John Wayne
Vote Face-Off: Clint Eastwood: Actor vs Director
Vote Face-Off: Close Encounters vs. Contact
Vote Face-Off: Close Encounters vs. E.T.
Vote Face-Off: Close to 90 at the 90th Oscars
Vote Face-Off: 'Cloverfield' Blood Feud
Vote Face-Off: Colin Firth vs. Gary Oldman
Vote Face-Off: Coolest "Game of Thrones" Throne
Vote Face-Off: Corleone vs Corleone
Vote Face-Off: Costanza Opposite Approach
Vote Face-Off: Cowboy vs. Samurai
Vote Face-Off: Cute and Cuddly, Boys!
Vote Face-Off: Cutest "Game of Thrones" Baby
Vote Face-off: Dancing Kings
Vote Face-Off: Dancing Kings
Vote Face-Off: Daredevil vs. Jessica Jones
Vote Face-Off: Daredevil's Black suit vs Daredevil's Red suit vs Lawyer suit
Vote Face-Off: Dawn of Justice vs Civil War
Vote Face-Off: Dawn of Justice vs Suicide Squad
Vote Face-Off: DC Comics vs. Marvel Comics
Vote Face-Off: DC Television Siblings
Vote Face-Off: DC vs. Marvel Villains
Vote Face-Off: De Niro vs. Pacino: Five Leading Oscar noms...
Vote Face-Off: Deadpool as 'SNL' Host
Vote Face-Off: 'Deadpool' vs. 'Deadpool 2'
Vote Face-Off: Deadpool vs. The Dead Pool
Vote Face-Off: Deadshot vs Deadshot
Vote Face-Off: DiCaprio V De Niro
Vote Face-Off: Directing Davids
Vote Face-Off: Disney vs Miyazaki
Vote Face-Off: Disney vs. Universal Theme Parks
Vote Face-Off: Django Unchained vs. The Hateful Eight
Vote Face-Off: Don Vito Corleone vs Vito Corleone
Vote Face-Off: Donnie Darko vs. Harvey
Vote Face-Off: Dorothy Michaels vs. Mrs. Doubtfire
Vote Face-Off: Dr. Lecter vs. The Silence of the Lambs
Vote Face-Off: Drama vs. Comedy
Vote Face-Off: 'Drive' vs. 'Only God Forgives'
Vote Face-Off: Drogon vs. Viserion
Vote Face-Off: Dumb & Dumber's Harry vs. Lloyd
Vote Face-Off: Dumbledore vs Voldemort
Vote Face-Off: 'Dumbo' vs. 'Dumbo'
Vote Face-Off: Edge of Tomorrow vs Source Code
Vote Face-Off: Ellen DeGeneres vs. Neil Patrick Harris
Vote Face-Off: Ellen Ripley vs. Sarah Connor
Vote Face-Off: Emma Stone vs. Ryan Gosling
Vote Face-Off: Emma Watson Vs Emma Stone
Vote Face-Off: Empire's Top 10 Characters Vs Premiere's Top 10 Characters
Vote Face-Off: Enduring Characters from a Galaxy Far, Far Away....
Vote Face-Off: Ethan Hunt vs Jason Bourne
Vote Face-Off: European vs. Asian?
Vote Face-Off: Exodus Vs. Noah
Vote Face-Off: Fargo vs Fargo vs Fargo vs Fargo!
Vote Face-Off: Favorite 'Alien' Franchise Synthentic
Vote Face-Off: Favorite ''Friends'' Trio
Vote Face-Off: Favorite Long Running Horror Franchise
Vote Face-Off: Favorite Michael Landon Series
Vote Face-Off: Favorite 'Narnia' Movie
Vote Face-Off: Favorite of the Pevensie Siblings (Narnia Series)
Vote Face-Off: Favorite Performance in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'
Vote Face-Off: Favorite Philip K. Dick TV Series
Vote Face-Off: Favorite 'Pitch Perfect' Movie
Vote Face-Off: Favorite Ra's al Ghul
Vote Face-Off: Favorite Spider-Man Love Interest
Vote Face-Off: Favorite, Frequent, Final Girls
Vote Face-Off: Federico Fellini vs Ingmar Bergman
Vote Face-Off: FEUD!
Vote Face-Off: 'First Man' vs. 'Beale Street'
Vote Face-Off: Five Disney Movies That Deserve a Sequel
Vote Face-Off: Five Stages of Theater
Vote Face-Off: Flight vs. Sully
Vote Face-Off: Fonda vs. Fonda vs. Fonda vs. Fonda
Vote Face-Off: Four American Classics of 1976
Vote Face-Off: Four Kinds of Beaming
Vote Face-Off: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Vote Face-off: Freddy vs. Jason
Vote Face-Off: French Gore Films of the 2000s
Vote Face-Off: Full Metal Jacket vs. Platoon
Vote Face-Off: Furious 7 Vs. Die Hard With a Vengeance
Vote Face-Off: Future Shared Universes
Vote Face-Off: G/PG Vs. PG-13 Vs. R Superhero Films
Vote Face-Off: 'Game of Thrones' Sequel Poll: Vote Yes or No
Vote Face-off: Gandalf the Grey vs Gandalf the White
Vote Face-Off: Gandalf vs Saruman
Vote Face-Off: Gandalf vs. Maleficent
Vote Face-Off: Geometric Psychological Thriller
Vote Face-Off: George Lucas Vs. Francis Ford Coppola
Vote Face-Off: German Series Favorites
Vote Face-Off: 'Gilda' vs. 'Laura'
Vote Face-Off: 'Godfather 2' vs. 'Dark Knight' vs. 'Lord of the Rings 3' vs. 'Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo'
Vote Face-Off: Gone Baby Gone Girl
Vote Face-Off: Gordon Gekko vs. Jordan Belfort
Vote Face-Off: Gravity vs Interstellar
Vote Face-Off: Gravity vs Interstellar vs The Martian
Vote Face-Off: Grindhouse Double-Feature Duel
Vote Face-Off: Groundbreaking 1967
Vote Face-Off: Groundhog Day Vs. Edge of Tomorrow
Vote Face-Off: Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Thor (Marvel Franchise)
Vote Face-Off: Hal vs. Walter White
Vote Face-Off: Han Solo Vs. Indiana Jones
Vote Face-Off: Hannibal & 'Buffalo Bill' vs. Percy & 'Wild Bill'
Vote Face-Off: Hannibal Lecter vs. Norman Bates
Vote Face-Off: Hannibal Lecter vs. Norman Bates
Vote Face-Off: Harrison Ford vs Gary Oldman
Vote Face-Off: Harry Potter vs. Newt Scamander
Vote Face-Off: Hasan Minhaj vs. Aziz Ansari vs. Kumail Nanjiani
Vote Face-Off: Hellboy vs. John Constantine
Vote Face-Off: Hemsworth Vs. Hemsworth Vs. Hemsworth
Vote Face-Off: Herbie vs. Christine
Vote Face-Off: Herbie vs. KITT
Vote Face-Off: Hero vs. Villain
Vote Face-Off: Heroic Gary Cooper
Vote Face-Off: Hindi, Indie or... Indy?
Vote Face-Off: Hobbs vs. Shaw
Vote Face-Off: Holmes/Watson v House/Wilson
Vote Face-Off: Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin
Vote Face-Off: How do you call the first "Star Wars" film?
Vote Face-Off: How Do You Take Your DC
Vote Face-Off: How Important is the Re-Watchability Factor?
Vote Face-Off: Hulk Solo Movies
Vote Face-Off: 'Hunger' vs. 'Shame' vs. '12 Years a Slave' vs. 'Widows'
Vote Face-Off: I Want to Be Alone (Horror Edition)
Vote Face-Off: Iago vs. Abu vs. Carpet
Vote Face-Off: Iko Uwais vs Tony Jaa
Vote Face-Off: I'll best remember George Gaynes as...
Vote Face-Off: IMDb Top 10 vs. AFI Top 10
Vote Face-Off: IMDb Top 250 Movies vs IMDb Top 250 TV
Vote Face-Off: IMDb TV Top 10 Vs. Hollywood Reporter Top 10
Vote Face-Off: Inception Vs. The Matrix
Vote Face-Off: Insidious vs. The Conjuring
Vote Face-Off: Iron Man vs. Armored Batman
Vote Face-Off: It's Not Bingeing, It's Power Watching!
Vote Face-Off: J.J. Abrams and the IMDb Top 250
Vote Face-Off: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Vs. 3 Days to Kill
Vote Face-Off: James Bond vs Sherlock Holmes
Vote Face-Off: James Bond vs. Indiana Jones
Vote Face-Off: James Spader's TV shows
Vote Face-Off: Jango Fett vs Boba Fett
Vote Face-Off: Jean Grey vs. Jean Grey
Vote Face-off: Jess vs Mindy vs Liz
Vote Face-Off: Joey vs. Barney vs. Sheldon
Vote Face-Off: John Lennon vs Bob Dylan
Vote Face-Off: John Rambo vs John Matrix
Vote Face-Off: John Wick vs. James Bond
Vote Face-Off: 'John Wick' vs. 'John Wick: Chapter 2'
Vote Face-Off: John Williams vs Ennio Morricone
Vote Face-Off: Johnny Knoxville vs. Sacha Baron Cohen
Vote Face-Off: Joi vs. Luv
Vote Face-Off: Joker vs. Harley Quinn
Vote Face-Off: Joker vs. Joker
Vote Face-Off: 'Joker' vs. 'The Dark Knight'
Vote Face-Off: Judah Ben-Hur vs Spartacus
Vote Face-Off: Julie Andrews vs. Emily Blunt
Vote Face-Off: Kate Mara vs. Rooney Mara
Vote Face-Off: Kate vs Tauriel vs the Wasp
Vote Face-off: Katniss vs Hermione vs Tris
Vote Face-Off: Keanussance vs. McConaissance
Vote Face-Off: Kelly vs. Astaire
Vote Face-Off: Kevin James Vs. Kevin Hart
Vote Face-Off: Kick-Ass vs. Kingsman
Vote Face-Off: Kiefer Sutherland, Hero or Villain?
Vote Face-Off: 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1' vs. 'Kill Bill: Vol. 2'
Vote Face-Off: Kimmel vs. Fallon
Vote Face-Off: Klingons Vs. Romulans
Vote Face-Off: Kobe Bryant vs. Peyton Manning
Vote Face-Off: L.A. Twenty Years Ago...
Vote Face-Off: Laika feature films
Vote Face-Off: Larry David vs. Jerry Seinfeld
Vote Face-Off: Lars von Trier vs. Nicolas Winding Refn
Vote Face-Off: Laurel & Hardy or Charlie Chaplin
Vote Face-Off: Lawyers Exposing Corruption In Their Law-Firms
Vote Face-Off: Legendary 3 Ring Leaders
Vote Face-Off: Leia vs Padmé vs Rey
Vote Face-Off: Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Brad Pitt
Vote Face-Off: Lethal Weapon vs. Die Hard
Vote Face-Off: Lifeboat companions?
Vote Face-Off: Lily Collins vs Lily James
Vote Face-off: Lisbeth Salander vs Lisbeth Salander
Vote Face-Off: 'Logan' Vs. 'Deadpool'
Vote Face-Off: 'Logan' vs. 'Wonder Woman'
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Vote Face-Off: Rey vs. Jyn Erso
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Vote Favorite Felix Unger (The Odd Couple)
Vote Favorite 'Indiana Jones' Franchise Adventure
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Vote Friday Face-Off: Max Schreck's Nosferatu vs. Bela Lugosi's Dracula
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Vote IMDb All-time Top 250: The 1920s
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Vote Spirit Awards Fashion Face-Off: Long & Short
Vote Spirited Away vs. Grave of the Fireflies
Vote Stallone vs Willis vs Schwarzenegger
Vote Star Wars Face-Off: Luke, Leia or Han
Vote Stark Dynasties
Vote Steven Spielberg vs. James Cameron
Vote Super Soundtrack Face-Off: Guardians vs. Watchmen
Vote Swedish Vampire Bros: Roman vs. Northman
Vote Sword vs. Gun
Vote Tall and Funny Showdown: J.C. vs. J.C.
Vote Tarzan vs. Black Panther
Vote Ted vs Paul vs ET vs Alf
Vote The 'Avengers' Face-Off
Vote The Avengers vs The Dark Knight
Vote The 'Baahubali' Saga
Vote The Big Name vs. The Unknown Actor
Vote The Billionaires' Club 2017
Vote The Billionaires' Club 2018
Vote The end of Inception (Spoilers)
Vote The Flash vs. Arrow
Vote The God of Thunder vs. The Man of Steel
Vote The 'It' Face-Off: Bryce Dallas Howard vs. Jessica Chastain
Vote The Jeagers vs. Godzilla
Vote The J-Laws
Vote The Joker (Character) Vs The Dark Knight (Film)
Vote The Limit Does Not Exist: Limitless vs. Lucy
Vote The Michael Stuhlbarg Face-Off: 'Call Me by Your Name' vs. 'The Post' vs. 'The Shape of Water'
Vote The Smurfiest Smurf
Vote The Twilight Zone vs. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Vote The Twilight Zone vs. The Outer Limits
Vote The White Bikini or the Red Bathing Suit?
Vote The X Files vs. Fringe
Vote There Are Two Kinds of ...
Vote This Is the End' vs. 'The World's End'
Vote Three Continents of Comics
Vote Three Triangles
Vote Tom Hardy Face-Off: Bane vs. Venom
Vote Tomb Raider Face-Off: Angelina Jolie vs. Alicia Vikander
Vote Training with Qui-Gon Jinn or Ra's al Ghul
Vote Treebeard vs. Groot
Vote Trilogy face-off: Lord of the Rings vs Hobbit
Vote Triple Oscar Actor-Writer-Director Hat Tricks
Vote Triple Oscar Actor-Writer-Producer Hat Tricks
Vote Triple Threat: "JB Characters"
Vote Tux-Off: McConaughey vs. McConaughey
Vote Tyler Durden vs. Mickey O'Neil
Vote Untouchables vs. The Untouchables
Vote Villainous Hanses
Vote Walken vs. Malkovich
Vote Want To See A Scream 5?
Vote Warcraft Face-Off: The Alliance vs. The Horde
Vote Were Ross and Rachel on a Break?
Vote Westerns: Classic vs Revisionist vs Spaghetti vs Modern
Vote What Movie Are You Going to See? May 23, 2014
Vote What would be the worst form of prohibition for you?
Vote Which would in a fight? Star Trek's Enterprise or a Star War's Star Destroyer?
Vote Who do you want to be your neighbor?
Vote Who Played Dumbledore Better?
Vote Who shot first?
Vote Why So Serious... About the Oscars?
Vote Will 'La La Land' Set a New Oscar Record?
Vote William Shatner Vs. Chris Pine
Vote Winchester Face-Off: Dean vs. Sam
Vote Wizarding Franchise Face-Off: 'Harry Potter' vs. 'Fantastic Beasts'
Vote Woody Allen in Black & White vs. Color
Vote Woody Vs. Buzz Lightyear
Vote World Cup Poll: Germany vs Argentina
Vote Would you see The Interview?
Vote WWII Face-Off: 'Schindler's List' vs. "Band of Brothers"
Vote Yoda: Puppet or Pixels?
Vote You take ice cream out of the freezer. Which are you most likely to do?
Vote Young Han Solo
Vote Zoe Green vs. Zoe Blue

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